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Doors & Chambers - Student Manual 2

$ 27.00

The Student's Manual was created and designed to go hand in hand with the Door's & Chambers Instructor's Manual. Student Manual 2 includes segments 5 - 9.

Doors & Chambers is a book about Discernment.  Through the use of a simple metaphor, the Lord has given Apostle Steele a simple means to understand a way that He uses to grow and mature His people.  Doors & Chambers will help you successfully discern and navigate life’s dizzying array of situations, scenarios and relationships.  It’s always easier to play the game if you know the rules.  Through the use of this simple, clear and precise metaphor, the Holy Spirit will guide you into greater peace and understanding concerning those things which are spiritually discerned.

All concepts are scriptural and referenced.

Activation Exercises are included to help students understand and internalize the concepts quicker.

This manual can also be used by the serious student who wants quicker access to study the metaphor and study the associated scriptures without having to look them up.  It is a great investment for those who are truly serious about learning and operating in these concepts.

What a great way to increase your discernment and understanding of life!

- May God’s Grace Abundantly Reign In All Of Your Chambers!