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Recognizing The Strongman: Discerning The Spirits Behind The Face

Recognizing The Strongman: Discerning The Spirits Behind The Face

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This study tool is for those interested in identifying and nullifying Demonic Strongmen. Strongmen are the leaders of other lesser demons and spirits. Their mission, quite simply put, is to steal, kill and destroy all those that they can. This book works to identify, define and clarify, as well as give insight concerning their inner workings, strategies, and intent.

Unfortunately, many people live in pain, misery, and a lack of understanding concerning their lives, situations, and relationships. Many of these difficulties are due to man's heart and its propensities and proclivities, while others directly result from demonic activity or influences. Here in this book, we speak of the 'other'.
  1. Have you ever experienced issues, problems, or situations in your life that seem to be beyond mere coincidence?
  2. Have you ever noticed that you experience distractions, hindrances, and delays anytime you try to advance in God?
  3. Have you noticed repetitive situations and scenarios in your family or bloodline?
  4. Have you experienced difficulty advancing in ministry?

This book works to help the reader recognize the Demonic Strongmen, their activities, and their dark influences. Through the Power of God and the Truth of the Holy Spirit, we can realize these demonic influences for who and what they are. They are far more prevalent than most people might think. God desires that all people become free from hurts, impediments, and all demonic interference.

Apostle Steele desires that those who read this book will become further empowered with wisdom, understanding, increased discernment, and freedom from all demonic activity. Let all that read this book experience Freedom and Liberty in Christ.

Scriptural References, Prayers of Renunciation, and Prayers Breaking Demonic Agreement included.